Residential Services

Phoenix Painting LLC is a licensed and insured Painting Contractor serving the residents of Manassas, Bristow, Chantilly, Woodbridge, Centreville, Fairfax, Reston, Herndon, Clifton, Gainesville, Haymarket, Reston, Springfield, Alexandria, Arlington, Lorton, Triangle, Stafford, Leesburg, Ashburn and all of Prince William County VA, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Stafford County and Northern Virginia, as well as Washington DC.

Preparation is Everything
No job is too small or large. Let us add value and décor to your home!

Interior Painting

We believe the color or décor of a room can change its atmosphere from dull to cheery, drab to welcoming, bright to relaxing. A fresh coat of paint or new wall coverings can make all the difference in the world. We can paint one or all of the rooms in your house, townhouse, or condo. We can also install various wall coverings.

Interior house painting includes...

Painting Contractor Woodbridge VA
  • Masking all floors, windows, doors, hardware and furniture as necessary
  • Removing all nails from walls and repair holes
  • Removing all dirt and debris from walls and baseboards
  • Sanding and caulking as necessary
  • Applying high quality interior paint finish coat


Our company can provide restoration services, including extensive stripping, preparation, and painting or finishing. We can help bring the life back into an old home or a poorly covered wall.

Exterior Painting

We are experts at painting the outside of your home quickly and efficiently. We look for damaged soffits, windows and trim and give you a fair estimate to repair. We choose our paint for its quality and longevity, and we take the time to prepare all surfaces so you'll have a long-lasting, high-quality paint job. Make your home a beautiful destination for all to see!

Exterior house painting includes…

  • Patch repair stucco surfaces to uniform finish
  • Sandblasting
  • Replace and repair damages, caulk stationary seams
  • Full primer coat to all surfaces (no to be confused with spot priming)
  • Stucco sprayed and back rolled
  • Wood to be hand brushed
  • Apply high quality paint finish coat
  • Powerwash the entire house

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Floor Refinishing & Staining

We are experts at refinishing wood floors… Call Us Today!

Hardwood floor refinishing is an intricate task. Wood is a complex and dynamic material, and a multitude of decisions must be correctly made if the floor is to be perfect. The appropriate progression of sandpaper grades must be carefully adjusted to the species of wood as well as the overall floor condition. At Phoenix Painting, we try to have the most thorough and detailed sanding process possible and the brief overview below explain our process.


Before any sander touches the hardwood floor, we clean it and make a careful inspection for protruding nails, damaged boards, and other potential issues.

Initial Sanding

The initial, rough sanding takes the old finish off the hardwood floor as well as removing any dirt or discoloration the floor has picked up in its previous life. Sanding also ensures the floor is flat from one board to the next. Starting with the correct grit of sandpaper at this point is critical to the success of the following steps.


Once the old finish is completely removed and the boards are clean and flat, we proceed to the next step in which all the gaps and seams are filled with a wood-matching putty. It also fills the wood grain and helps create a smooth and consistent surface for staining and finishing.


Once the filler has dried the floor is ready for the fine sanding stage. We sand the entire floor again, bringing it to progressively finer grits until it reaches the appropriate fineness for the wood species and finish specifications. All corners and areas where our machines can't reach are scraped and sanded by hand until they match the rest of the floor.

Preparation for Stain

If you choose to have your floor stained, we will go through the extra process of sanding all around the edges with small handheld sanders. This eliminates the circular pattern left by our edging machine, which can collect extra stain pigment and show up as dark, swirling scratch marks in the floor. Achieving a dark stain with no visible swirls is the mark of a quality floor refinisher.


In the ultimate sanding stage, we buff the entire floor with fine discs and screens. This not only imparts a fine, burnished quality to the wood, but helps blend the sanding patterns from the different machines used on the floor. If correctly done, the floor will now have arrived at a uniform texture across its entire surface. After a thorough vacuuming, it is finally ready to receive stain or finish.


Penetrating oil stains impregnate the wood grain with fine pigments, yielding a wide spectrum of colors either through factory recipes or a custom blend by our painters.. The stains are worked into the wood by hand and with buffers, then wiped off and allowed the appropriate time for setting, drying, and curing.


Now the hardwood floor is ready for its protective top coating. Up to three coats are applied, with 2 to 24 hours of time between coats, depending on weather conditions and finish requirements. Between coats the floor is lightly abraded to maximize inter-coat adhesion as well as smoothing out any rough spots. Application of the final coat is an intensive process requiring significant experience and focus to yield the perfect finishing touch.


Door Replacement

Have a door that does not work properly or has been damaged…call us today. We can repairs your door, insert new handles, new hinges, and re-paint or re-stain the door. Do you want a new door installed, then call us to discuss a wide range of beautiful, durable, and secure doors.

Fence Construction

Phoenix Painting has been delivering a level of service and quality of product unmatched by any other fencing company in Northern Virginia. We know the individual needs of our residential and commercial customers alike. Over the years, we’ve installed hundreds of fencing products of all types, including:

Wood Fencing, Vinyl Fencing, Dog Kennels, Cellular PVC, Handrails, Mechanical Access Control Fencing, Dumpster Enclosures, Guardrails, Temporary Construction Fence, Athletic Fencing, And more!

Fence Construction Manassas VA

Gates of all types: chain link, wooden or aluminum framed, can be opened or closed by the use of a motorized operator, so no matter what your aesthetic preference is for your home or business, we can create the perfect gate for your needs. The width of the gate opening and the weight of the gate determine the size of the gate operator.

Handyman Special

$75 per hour to complete all the annoying things around the house without the complaining! You supply the material and we'll supply the service. Trim/carpentry repair, electrical fixtures, painting, staining, and even just hard to reach places or Christmas lights your neighbors left up.


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