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              Interior Painting

Phoenix Painting llc starts by taking the time to protect your facility, equipment, and inventory. All surfaces will be properly prepared before applying the specified coating. Preparations include hand and power tool cleaning, patching, priming and a detailed masking of all areas. We finish with a high-quality, durable paint, customized for your job. We can even incorporate your company’s logo into any floor or wall coating project, using the right colors and finishes.

Preparation is Everything
No job is too small or large. Let us add value and décor to your business!

Once completed, each job is followed up by a thorough clean up and inspection. The interior of your business really defines your customer’s experience, and your corporate culture. From regular repaints to stylish faux finishes, wallpaper and vinyl, we can make sure your business suits your company’s branding and projects the kind of environment you want your customers to experience.

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